Sunni Madrassah, Mosque And A Market Burnt In Rawalpindi

After a Shia, Sunni Clash in Raja Bazar Rawalpindi, charged Shia protesters have put Dar Ul Uloom Taleem Ul Quran and a cloth market on fire and firing incidents have resulted in killing of over 10 people with over 80 injured. According to details, clash started at about 3 PM when Shia procession of Ashura was passing by Dar Ul Uloom Taleem Ul Quran. This seminary is associated with Ahl e Sunnat Wal Jamat. Participants of procession got angry on some remarks of Imam Masjid during Juma sermon and they started firing on the mosque. In response, stones were thrown on the procession from the mosque. Clash between the two groups is still in progress and fire brigade is yet not successful to control the fire. Army and rangers have already been called but violence in Rawalpindi is still growing with tension on both sides. According to latest media reports, violence has spread in other parts of the city as well and people have set many other markets also on fire. Wafaq Ul Madaris and Sunni Ulema board has condemned the attack on seminary and has demanded action against culprits.

Below is a video of Shia Sunni Clash and Firing in Fawara Chowk Raja Bazara Rawalpindi:


Below is another video of Rawalpindi Shia Sunni Clash: shia sunni clash rawalpindi  Shia mob Burning a mosqueSias beating a namazi



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  1. Mr Shahid Iqbal, are you a Muslim??? What sort of religious worship allows using seminaries to Insult Grandson of Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. This amounts to blasphemy which warrants stern action. Which sort of seminaries are these who stone and fire upon the Mourners who pledge their solidarity with the family of Holy prophet peace be upon him. These so called seminaries have set ablaze many Imambargahs which had Holly Qurans and souvenirs bearing names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon him isit acceptable to you?. Dear Mr Shahid please read the history of Karbala, you have a beautiful family you cant bear even 1% for your family for what happened to the family of our Holly Prophet peace be Upon Him in Karbala and once such 1% happened to your family and if your friends and relatives go for mourning and protest against it, will you still call it taking hostage to your neigbourhood. Please ask your conscious if not as Muslim as a Human Being. You didn't have any objection to protests against Shahzeb Murder all over Pakistan and You view Protest against slaying of entire family and progeny of Holly Prophet as taking hostage of Country. Think Once again.

  2. Media is quiet to prevent further spreading of violence but why haven't you posted Setting on fire of three Imambargahs?

  3. Indeed Allah is seeing Us and all and will hold everone accountable for his deeds, and his love and respect for Allah, Holly Prophet Peace be Upon Him and his family as Allah Almighty has included Holly Prophet's Family also in Durood Sharif. May Allah Guide us all on the right Path.

  4. Another word of advice for all, please read and research Quran, Hadith and History of Islam before giving ignorant comments on religious issues.

  5. no molvi wud say anything about hazrat imam hussain(R.a) that just a false shit.. dnt defend this act of terrorism like that .. whole country is bunrning cz army attacked lal masjid n now cn u imagine whts next how other groups gna react to it.. ? ? n these kinda demonstrations shud b kept to some limited places nt all around the cities n infront of mosques

  6. King Khan i know shia really well they neva do fight unless or until someone made them angry… SSP always wanted to create these situations in the month of muharram to stop Azadari Jaloos and by they way it was preplanned you can check ASWJ 2 days old twitter msgs.

  7. i duno wht ssp or aswj2 is.. dun wna know but i dun understand why people inside the mosque wud bully thousands of ppl outside .. so this means they were jus plain idiots n wanted to die.. i belong to the same city n i know shias aswell as sunnis .. neva heard anything about hazrat hussain(r.a) frm any member of any sect.. n thn i dun understand after all that security been provided to shias why they had to carry weapons n security forces standing ova there while ppl burning the mosque… i am just asking u to condem this act of voilence frm shia ppl rather thn making excuses n cooking up stories n abusing others .. u actually providing them a nice opportunity to bomb shia places.. which is again the voilence n terrorism .. if one has done somthing wrong he shud confess rather thn being stupid n defend his weak baseless position..

  8. Haider Khan its wrong … just read the whole story dude.. they just attack during tha juma prayer … theyy slaughterd the namazi and the students of madrissa.. where are you living dude… when a shia is killed you called a shia genocide .. now what is this…

  9. o yeah ! we wish these strategy should be opted once Shias are killed.. waji plz dont let me believe shias are controling media and fabricating all this :(

  10. from quite some time some idiots, terrorist put the private property of people like markets etc on fire….they have no excuse what so ever to did so….they have burnt the entire raja bazar on just listening remarks against them on jumma sermon….they have put a mosque on fire….and the media is silent…its bloody bullshit….no one should be allowed to do such shameful protest….if its the religion of someone to mourn than they should stay in limits……

  11. check out the histry of islam Shia are responsible for all that.i will give you many video in which you are insultesd our sahaba karam.and send me one link which we r insulred your's you never fid it.coz we r write and you are rong.Aala E-yazeed par lanat bashumar

  12. we cannot even think of insulting imam Hussain r.a, mje ye btao k tm shia jaloos ma apne sath guns q ly kr aye thy? madrassay k bachon ka gally kaat dye un shion ne kya ye b thek ha? police ne koi acrton nhn lia? media kch nhn bata rha?

  13. lanat shio pe… Mr.waji who killed Grandson of Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him ? u all basterd shias killed him… why should we insult them ? are you out of your mind ?
    shia was kafir , shia is kafir , shia will be kafir..

  14. Gustakhe Rasool (SAW) or Aale rasool ko saza hne chahye.. chahy woh masjid main beth k kry ya ghr main.. loud speaker p beth kr shan e imam hussain main bolengy to anjam aesa he hoga.

    Azamat e sahaba zindabad
    Dushman e Zehra (a.s) Murdabad

  15. You Moron…! you bitches…! Iran kei paltu kutoo…! Aik yahoodi kei paidawar ho tum log…! aur INSHALLAH yahoodi hi maro gey…!

  16. o khuda ky bandy RIWAND ki tarah q nai ap log aik jaga akhaty hoty ?? q haamary lye masla bnaya hua hai?? q rasty bnd krty ho q hamy tang krty hoo?? jao kisi ground mai start hojao wahi jaloos nikalo wahi sub jaga krn who will stop u?? but khuda ka wasta hai stop disturbing us by blocking roads and many other suspects :'( . so sad yr so sad . MASJID ko jala diya khuda ka khauf aur hadayat bs aur kuch nai

  17. Your Taqiya at that time provided reasons for killing Muslim bin Aqeel, your taqiya then made you kill Imam Hussain,(that is why you mourn like jews for centuries) and your taqiya now made u telling lies that Sunnis Ulema dont respect Ahle Bait.
    They are respectable people, but none of them are God (Allah). So stop telling lies to the people. You people only make 10 percent of the population and you forget that if Sunnis got flared up, they will cut you people into pieces.

  18. correct inshallah jo rabb ko na bakhshey key bhool jata hay,rabb key rasool ko na manney ashabe rasool ko na maney shareeat e muhamdee ka mazah karey woh keya laantee madrasee masjid hafiz qaree ka mazaq nah banaey ga yeh qassaee tola intahaee zalam hay

  19. Its proxy was between Saudia Arabia & Iran , I won’t know why Shea denied Conformed hadis(SAW)agar maray bad koi nabi hota to Umer(R.A) hotay , Being a Sadaat family member i relieaze that shea are kafir no dout ,
    Hazrat Ali (R.A) have special respect but who gave these rights to shea use abuse language about all other Sahaba (R.A)

  20. oo bhai tujhe roads ke pari hui hai apne musalman bhaion ko nahi dakha jinke gardanain kati hui hai tu roads khulwa baki hamare bhai maray tujhe fark nahi parta

  21. i just want to share that, ISLAM never belongs to terrorism. i cant say that this shai iz wrong or this sunni is right. The perfect solution is that if we want any change in our country or in our religion by heart and soul so we have to obey SUNNAH. ALLHAMDULILAH we all muslims so we all knw that what QURAN MAJEED teaches us, but we have to obey SUNNAt-E-NABWI (P.B.U.H) bcz it makes us life easier and comfortable. dnt believe to any one just believe to ALLAH and his RASOOL (P.B.U.H).

  22. That was another sad day for Pakistan and in particular for the people of Rawalpindi. We are strongly condemning the Raja Bazar incident and asking government to arrest the terrorist as soon as possible and provide the security for innocent citizens…

  23. Sorry in ADVANCE to all, PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. We are the followers of Muhammad PBUH & love with his family (Yeh hamary AIMAAN ka hissa hai). Hazrat Imam Hussain (RTA) nay jo darse Karbala main diya – woh aaj nazar nahi aata – Both of them SHIA & SUNNI are equally responsible.

    By the way 12 Sunni koi tashadud kar k maar diya jaata hai, Shia aik bhi Injured nahi hota!!! Amazingly we can blame it TALIBAN…??? must reply.

  24. Haider Khan kafir shia ha
    pakistan me rehna ho ga
    shia kafir kehna ho ga

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    shia kafir kehna ho ga

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  25. pakistan me rehna ho ga
    shia kafir kehna ho ga
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    shia kafir kehna ho ga
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    shia kafir kehna ho ga
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    shia kafir kehna ho ga

  26. Astaghfirullah…..its disgusting…..shias should b restricted to imam baragas…….they shouldnt be allowed to do such sort of things…….it was the responsibility of Government to had a sharp eye on eveything….how can someone burn a mosque???slaughter child???n kill people….its really painful

  27. No one of these people is a real MUSLIM…


  28. Qari Shakir of Taleeim ul Quran said that Hazrat Yazid Razi Allah talah anho is a respectable elders of the Muslims and Imam Hussain is respectale too, Imam Hussain wanted to go for Bait of Hazrat Yazid Razi….. but ultimately the shar and fasad was created by Zaimul Abedeen son of Imam Hussain in the Khutba. and after the Friday prayers he satarted the speech again at loud speaker at 3;15 and said that the matter was between two elders of Islam and asked police administration to get teh road cleared of these disrespetful people who should not even be called Muslims. We Sunni have a faith and not like these lofars on the streets…
    They started throwing stone and fired in the air simutanously it wa after that police ran off and people snathced guns. but at around 4pm SSP came and he was attacked from the madersa and one of Shia at teh street was hit by the bullet on teh shoulder, at this point SSP too ran off we all ran away and the youth stormed the madersa killing the Qaris who calinmed that Hazrat Yazid is the elder figure and Imam of Sunnis
    Whatever happeded is one thing but I just want to know Shahid sahab and others do you cosnider Yazid your Imam or is it true.


    and why do you people love yazid (if any)

  29. Umair Chaudhary My only question is say Shia are Aale yazid and they are abusnig their own ansestor for what was done with imam Hussain and the family – Shia say Hussain ke dushmanon par laanat that is lanaat on shia's own elders – than why are so many Sipah Sahaba maulvi come out and say stop this disrespect to Sahaba and yazid was a Jalil ul Qadar sahaba. Let shia weep for the deeds of their elders and honour the family of Rasool pak (SW)

  30. shia maudar chod kutay key aoulad. iran main tou aik Sunni masjid ke ijazat ni daytay magar Pakistan Mian Aqliyat honay ky bawjud barabar Rights mangtay hainbelkeh Hakumat pe Kabiz Hona Chahtay Hain jaisay k Sham (Syria) main wo Aqliyat honay k bawjud SUNNI aksariyat pe Zulam ker rahay hain.

    ye Sab IRAN ka Kiay Dahra hy.

  31. IRAN wahdat-e-Muslameen k nam pe tamam ALAL-e-ISLAM pe Shion ka Galba Chahta hy. Ham ye ni honay dain gy.

    HAZRAT IMAM HUSSAIN HAmary Akabir hain ye log (SHIAs) tou Kufi hain jihon ny oun ko bula ke shaeeed kerwa diya tha. In pe ALLAH ke Lanat hy ye ta Qayamat youn Hee apna aap ko peet'aty rahain gy.

  32. ali.kalbe let me tell you the real story of rawalpindi my friend live near that mosque and saw and hear every thing.. There was a time of Jumma prayer.. Jaloos was there and doing there work as they do in thier Juloos plus abusing our Sahabas..Molana requested Shiyas that kindly stop for five minute so that we can complete the Jumma Prayer than you continue… thats it .. SHiyas get in the mosque martyr around 20 22 namazis with knives and cut the molana's head and put that in thier alam .. this is real story from very very authentic source saw and hear by one of my relatives from rawalpindi

  33. Alas…………….. May Allah protect all shite and sunni muslims in His jj protection and takfiri molvi must hang till death.

  34. Shia is the most destructive religion on earth . All fucking pakistani media is silent on this tragic incident in which these bloody shia murdrer spared not even innocent children…. fuck their belief . fuck their imam and other one. we only believe on God and His Prophet . Other than prophet, every body is as human as we are…. The world is not made for hussain and Ali . There are more productive and precious people than these people.

  35. Its not long time . iam not politician but i know how it works around. all the media has not reported about the whole incident why ? because someone wants to save the government from falling down. and apart the people who did that are basically extremist hired to do so. may from insdie or may be from outside. and i hope somebody is looking deeply inside it secretly to catch the culprits

  36. AbdulMoeez Sheikh what about the 3 shia mosques being burned after that incident?? what about bombing mosques?? phele apne gheirabaan me jhaank lia karo… shias and brelvies are far far better than the deoobandies

  37. It is Islamic Jamhuriat Pakistan.
    Tum shia ko support krtay ho koton. Support sirf os ko karo jo Khuda aur Rasool S.A.W ko mantay hai.
    Kafero ko moqa day rahay ho. Jo Aqa S.A.W k sahaba ko gali daitay hai.
    En haramio ki nasal jaldi khatam ho jayeghy koti ma ki aulad.

  38. Ya Allah! Hum sab ko Hidayat aur ittefaq de. Sunni ho ya Shia dono Muslim hain bas logon ki negative soch ki waja se ek doosre ka khoon baha rahay hain. Ya Allah Reham farma. Aameen

  39. i believe that if shia congregations are taken out side the main cities and they are give a restricted place to do their mourning then these kind of incidents can be avoided. the problem is that our government has no organized plan to deal with these kind of sects n congregations. our safety n security is the duty of Govt n they are failing at it as they are failing at everything else……

  40. Brothers its pointless to argue. There have been hate crimes and hate speech from both sides. What we should know is that in his last sermon during Hajj, Prophet Muhammad (SAWW ) said that today Allah has perfected and completed your religion. This clearly shows that innovations, new ideas and new methods of worship or changes in the way Allah has ordered to worship and the way Rasool Allah (SAWW) has taught us are not supposed to be altered in any way. Islam is a perfect religion and does not need any innovation from clerics or anyone else. People Hazrat Ali was not a Shia or Sunni. He was a follower of the Islam that was the chosen as the best religion for mankind. He was a follower of the Islam taught to him by Rasool Allah (SAWW) and the follower of the Same Islam that we are told to follow. Everything that we need to know from Islam can be found in the Quran and the authentic Hadith of Rasool Allah (SAWW). Listening to innovations brought to Islam by our clerics is wrong. Lastly I would like to quote a verse from the Glorious Quran:

    Invite all to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them in ways that are the best. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided.[Quran 16:125]

  41. ager social media per ahl-e-sunnat ki awaz daba di gai to jo awaz sirf comments per hai wo roads per sunai dye gi !!
    & Pakistan main 95 % sunni hain !!!
    so v r requesting our govt to take action against those kafir who killed our brothers !!
    otherwise humri awaz ko dabana ya mu bnd krwana in k hanthon main nhi hai !!!

  42. wqt wqt ki bat haijis din musalman jagga tu paida hone pe b pachtaoge ye wadda hai .jago sunnio me nai darta tm logon se qk ye mulk sahaba k ghulamon ka hai nokran e sahaba ka hai .hakumat wale kia kr rahe ho tm log han hame hi mara gaya aor hame hi tm logon ne cerfew laga kr bnd kr dia han ye insaf hai .adlia kch tu kro ya phr sunnio pe sb chorh do

  43. Shia is th most destructive religion on earth . The whole sunni show unite and declare a war on these bastered . Fuck their imams… The world is made not for hussain and Ali. There are more precious and productive people than these two personalities… Fuck their religion and imam and everything…….

  44. ’’اہل سنت والجماعت‘‘ مسلک والے یعنی ’’حنفی بریلوی سنی‘‘باخبر ہوں کہ سانحہ راولپنڈی کے متاثرہ ’’دارالعلوم القرآن‘‘ کا تعلق اہل سنت والجماعت مسلک یعنی ’’حنفی بریلوی سنیوں‘‘ سے نہیں ہے۔ درحقیقت ’’دارالعلوم القرآن‘‘ کا تعلق ’’وہابی فرقہ‘‘ کے ’’دیوبندی‘‘ مکتبہ فکر سے ہے۔ ’’دارالعلوم القرآن‘‘ کی ’’وہابی فرقہ‘‘ کے ’’دیوبندی‘‘ مکتبہ فکر سے وابستگی کی تصدیق سرکاری ریکارڈ سے بھی کی جاسکتی ہے۔ ’’دارالعلوم القرآن‘‘ کی وابستگی کو اہل سنت والجماعت مسلک یعنی’’حنفی بریلوی سنیوں‘‘ سے منسوب کرکے پاکستان میں شیعوں اور سنیوں کو لڑوانے کی گھناؤنی سازش کو عملی شکل دی جارہی ہے۔ دراصل سانحہ راولپنڈی دیوبندیوں کی جارحیت اور شیعوں کی مدافعیت کا مظہر ہے جس کا اہل سنت والجماعت مسلک اور سنیوں سے کوئی تعلق نہیں۔ اہل سنت والجماعت مسلک والے یعنی ’’حنفی بریلوی سنی‘‘ سانحہِ راولپنڈی سے کلی طور پر غیرجانب دار اور لاتعلق ہیں۔ لہٰذا سانحہِ راولپنڈی میں ’’اہل سنت والجماعت‘‘ یا ’’سنیوں‘‘ کا لفظ استعمال کرنے والے فتنہ پرور اور شرپرست عناصر ’’اہل سنت والجماعت‘‘ یا ’’سنیوں‘‘ کا لفظ استعمال کرنے سے پرہیز کریں۔ شکریہ

  45. Luqman Ahmed who said shia are kafir ….. do u have solid proof.. if u dont then your a kafir for calling a Muslim a kafir …when we all have the same kalmaa the same nimaz then why are we muslims and shiya are not muslims … i am suni but suni molivi lie they all lie even the suni alims lie same goes for shiya too :/ you can say i am kafir i would be proud to be called a kafir … cox only allah can judge me not you fucked up muslims :)

  46. ملک ریحان rehan sahb phely tehqeeq kr lain ap . . . . na to un ka kalma same hai or na un ki namaz . . . main un ko kafir nah keh raha per ap nai kaha k un ka kalma same hai or namaz . . . or

  47. Mr Malik Rehan …..Shia aur sunni kalme main zameen aasman ka farq hai …wo hamari tarah musalmano wala kalma nahi pharte hain jese ke hum pharte hain"la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah".
    Jabke ye hai shio ka kalma "La e laaha ill Allah ho Muhammadur rasulullah Aliyun waliyullah khalifatahu billa fasl" (Ask any shia, any mufti, islamic scholar shi/sunni or chech on google).
    Aap ne ek baat sahi kahi k only ALLAH can judge that who's muslim and who's kafir but zara sochye ke jub islam ka buniadi rukan hi koi sahi tarah se na phare ya us main apni taraf se koi tabdeelian laaye to wo kese apne aap ko muslaman kahega

  48. ye masjid sunnio ke te aur masjid par attack deobandio ne nahi Shia hazrat ne kia. Allah tahla ne janwar ku marte waqat be asani ka hukam dia hai aur en shia kafero ne 3 Hulma jin mai ek khateeb aur ek Mufti sahb shamil hai aur 62 Students Taliban bacho ko zabah kia qatal nahi kia zabah kia janwaro ke tara, aur phir kuch bache masjid ke safoo ke neeche chup gai tu Shia ne masjid ko aag lagadee. Molvi sahb ne serf loudspeaker mai ye kaha ta ke jume k time par en shia hazrat ko ye nare bazi band karne chaye es par shia mushtahil hogai aur patrao start kia phir masjid ke chat par bacho ne be patrao kia, magar es ka ye matlab nahi ke 3 muslamo aulma aur 62 muslam bacho ko zabah kardoooo???? aaree kafer shio wo tu kese ghareb ke chote chote mahsom bache te jo quran aur islam seekne aai te ameer nahi te warna English education seekte

  49. Allah k bando kiya tum logo ko aur koi kaam nahi siwaaye larne ke, Khuda ke bando har time, facebook, aur deegar websites per aapas mai wao wao kartay rehtay ho kutay ki tarha aur kehtay ho tum muslim ho aur dosra kafir hai. yehi time jo kutay ki tarha wao wao karne mai lagaatay ho Quraan parh liya karo taakay tum logo k dil naram hon.

  50. Sunni kehtay hain Nabi(s.a.w.w) ki sunnat ki pairwi karne walay ko magar tum log kis tarha k sunni ho jo gaaliyaan de rahay ho. kiya ye sunnat Rasool Ullah(s.a.w.w) ki hai. Khuda tum logo ko hidayat de. kiya sunni kiya shia tum sab k sab ek hi kashti k musaafir ho kyun k tum logo ko itni bhi tameez nahi k Islam mai gaali dena jaaiz nhi chaahay tum haq per hi kyun na ho gaali haraam hai

  51. Haider Khan I get your point and I am against his act but killing people and setting building on fires i response. Seriously ??
    These are not the teachings of Prophet S.A.W, Ahl e Bait R.Aor Sahaba Karaam R.A.

  52. Waqas Ahmad Raazi it was only 1 mosque which was burned bcoz of the ppl inside it… but what about more than 10 shia mosques and quran being burned inside it… cant u see that? kia wo teachings theen prophet ki

  53. Haider Khan I am not supporting any violent act by anyone either a sunni or a shia but I am getting a feeling that you are supporting shia violence in response to what a Molvi said. Just ask yourself this: "What would Hazrat Imam Hassan or Husaain or Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W do in this situation?"….

  54. Waqas Ahmad Raazi im only saying yu cant control a mob when someone made them angry… mob k liye tu wo masjid jalana aisa he hogaya hoga jaise nabi ne fitna masjid jalaney ka hukum dia… me sirf itna keh raha hon us molvi ko jaan bhooj kar aisi harkat ki kia zarorat thi? usi din usi time aisi he baatein karna? khud tu bhag gaye wo sahib aam logon ko larwa dia or gharebo ko marwa dia

    HEI ISHQ APNI JAAN SE ZYADA Aal-e-Rasool Se Yoon Sar-e- Aam
    HUM UN KA Tamasha nahi Kartey Roen wo jo Munkir hain Shahadat-e-HUSSAIN K,
    HUM Zinda-O-Javeed ka Maatam nahi Kartey….!!

  56. ملک ریحان Now listen my dear. who says they also have same kalma as our. If you have less knowledge then please update your information about islam and found the difference between our and shia kalma. Muslim call Hazrat Ali (R.A) but if you dont believe that Hazrat Mohammed PBUH was last piambr than you are surely not muslim. Muslim believe last Piambar of islam was Hazarat Mohammed (PBUH) but shia says Hazrat Ali (A.S) "A.S" mean if you dont know than listen. For your kind information "A.S" mean Alaislam mean in quran you can find this word is only for Caliph & Piambar not Sahaba(R.A). they asked Hazrat Ali (R.A) was not sahabi Hazrat Ali (R.A) was caliph. It means last Caliph & Piambr was not Mohammed. But I believe Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was last caliph and Piambar of Allah and islam. Now we dont need anything more without Quran and Sunnah.
    for more info read this really good site for your every question.

  57. ملک ریحان اعوان
    motherfucker i am Johnson khumani and i back don't angry me and dont say that shias are kaafir these are mutta kaafir. they are abusing SAHABAS and u are say that they are right. i was shia but now i accept the sunniizm. i think you are panjabbii and also panjabbbi phhudii daaa hahahaahahah

  58. motherfucker i am Johnson khumani and i back don't angry me and dont say that shias are kaafir these are mutta kaafir. they are abusing SAHABAS and u are say that they are right. i was shia but now i accept the sunniizm. i think you are panjabbii and also panjabbbi phhudii daaa hahahaahahah

  59. Ur suggestion is absolutely right. We are not against any cult. Unfortunately we are emotional and short tempered nation of the world. We. If someone is giving good advice we should listen. Few years back I gave the same suggestion to my shia friend and he disliked it having a answer that its their religious aspects to perform it in main bazaar or hub of the city. He is a qualified n wise man and I was surprised to his thinking. Allah hum sub ko hidayat atta karey Ameen.

  60. ملک ریحان اعوان Mufti ya kiska kafir hona ka allan ho gaya
    Shahid ka tari aqal ko hizyan ho gaya
    Jis na pala Muhammad(S.A.W) ko wo ho gaya kafir
    Aur Katila Hussain a.s musalman ho gaya

  61. Luqman Ullah sala na islam no behan di hai ya musalman hai or shia kafir hain
    Mufti ya kiska kafir hona ka allan ho gaya
    Shahid ka tari aqal ko hizyan ho gaya
    Jis na pala Muhammad(S.A.W) ko wo ho gaya kafir
    Aur Katila Hussain a.s musalman ho gaya.

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