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Sunni Madrassah, Mosque And A Market Burnt In Rawalpindi

After a Shia, Sunni Clash in Raja Bazar Rawalpindi, charged Shia protesters have put Dar Ul Uloom Taleem Ul Quran and a cloth market on fire and firing incidents have resulted in killing of over 10 people with over 80 injured. According to details, clash started at about 3 PM when Shia procession of Ashura was passing by Dar Ul Uloom Taleem Ul Quran. This seminary is associated with Ahl e Sunnat Wal Jamat. Participants of procession got angry on some remarks of Imam Masjid during Juma sermon and they started firing on the mosque. In response, stones were thrown on the procession from the mosque. Clash between the two groups is still in progress and fire brigade is yet not successful to control the fire. Army and rangers have already been called but violence in Rawalpindi is still growing with tension on both sides. According to latest media reports, violence has spread in other parts of the city as well and people have set many other markets also on fire. Wafaq Ul Madaris and Sunni Ulema board has condemned the attack on seminary and has demanded action against culprits.

Below is a video of Shia Sunni Clash and Firing in Fawara Chowk Raja Bazara Rawalpindi:


Below is another video of Rawalpindi Shia Sunni Clash: shia sunni clash rawalpindi  Shia mob Burning a mosqueSias beating a namazi



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