NA 69 Khushab By Election: Malik Umer Aslam Of PTI In a Stronger Position

After a meeting between PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Malik Umar Aslam Khan, PTI ticket for NA 69 Khushab by election has been confirmed to Umar Aslam who was runner up in May 11 general elections on PTI Ticket.

Malik Umar Aslam Khan was runner up in 2013 general election from NA 69 Khushab seat by getting 80,331 votes against PML-N candidate Sumaira Malik who got 119,193 votes. However, Sumaira Malik has beepresidential election pakistann declared ineligible due to fake degree and seat has been vacated.

Malik Umar Aslam Khan was part of PML-Q in 2002 election while Sumaira Malik was contesting on National Alliance ticket. In that election, Sumaira Malik defeated Malik Umar Aslam Khan by a margin of 13 thousand votes. Interestingly, in 2008 elections, Sumaira Malik contested on PML-Q ticket while Umer Aslam Khan contested independently and again lost against her by margin of only 800 votes.

After dismissal of Sumaira Malik, PTI Candidate Malik Umer Aslam Khan seems to be favorite and he has already started his public meetings regarding by elections in Khushab NA 69 Constituency. By election in NA 69 Khushab are to be held on January 23, 2014.



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