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NA 68 Sargodha V Party Position 2013 Elections (3 posts)

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  • Profile picture of Farah Farah said 3 years, 2 months ago:

    NA 68 Sargodha constituency is covered by almost urban area of three Tehsils of District Sargodha–Teshil Sahiwal, Tehsil Shahpur and Tehsil Silawali. NA 68 area is mainly pro-Muslim League. Biradri system and strength of candidates plays more important role in the results of this 68 sargodha party position 2013 election


    NA 68 Sargodha 2002 Election Result:

    In 2002 general elections, PML-Q and PML-N were the key competitors in this constituency. PML-Q candidate Mazhar Ahmad Qureshi won this seat by a huge margin.

    Complete result of NA 68 Sargodha for 2002 elections is given below:

    Mazhar Ahmad Qureshi (PML-Q)                                  84038 Votes

    Syed Mansoor Ali Shah (PML-N)                                    56958 Votes

    Chaudhry Ashraf Chadhar (PAT)                                    4953 Votes

    Malik Farhat Abbas Chavaka (PPP)                              4632 Votes

    Chaudhry Anwar Cheema (Independent)                    3294 Votes


    NA 68 Sargodha 2008 Election Result:

    In 2008 elections, PML-N candidate Syed Javed Hasnain Shah managed to win this seat by beating PML-Q candidate Mazhar Qureshi and others by a clear margin.

    Complete result of NA 68 for 2008 elections is given below:

    Syed Javed Hasnain Shah (PML-N)                                 80174 Votes

    Mazhar Ahmad Qureshi (PML-Q)                                        56159 Votes

    Chaudhry Farrukh Javed Ghuman (Independent)          38516 Votes

    Sahibzada Amin Ud Din Siavli (Independent)                  4407 Votes

    Ch Suleman Gujjar (MQM)                                                   465 Votes


    NA 68 Sargodha By-Election Result:

    Syed Javed Hasnain Shah of PMLN was de-seated from this constituency for holding bogus degree and by-polls were conducted on Augutst 5th 2010 in which PMLN candidate won the seat by defeating an independent candidate backed by PPP and Jamat e Islami.

    Complete result of NA 68 Sargodha by-election is as follows:

    Sardar Shafqat Hayat Khan Baloch (PMLN)       90253 Votes

    Mazhar Ahmad Qureshi (Independent)              56747 Votes


    NA 68 Sargodha Party Position 2013 Elections:

    PML-N looks to be the strongest party in NA 68 Sargodha for 2013 elections as many key figures from PPP including many former nazims have joined PML-N. Sardar Shafqat Hayat Baloch will be possible PMLN candidate in 2013 elections from this constituency.

    PTI also gained some momentum early in 2012 but currently it doesn’t seem to be in a position to upset from constituency. PTI potential candidate from NA 68 Sargodha for 2013 election will be Mian Noor Hayat Kalyar .


  • Profile picture of Sajjadgillani Sajjadgillani said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    Nawaz sharif himself will contest this constituancy.

  • Profile picture of Idealist Idealist said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    PTI will cleen sweep right away !! then provide you alot of material to do analysis on!!