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NA 51 Rawalpindi II Party Position 2013 Election (5 posts)

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  • Profile picture of tsunami tsunami said 3 years, 3 months ago:

    NA 51 Rawalpindi II is a constituency from where Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf belongs. NA 51 mainly covers Tehsil Gojar Khan and its surrounding arna 51 rawalpindi party position 2013 electioneas. NA 51 Rawalpindi II constituency is mainly comprised of rural areas where literacy rate is not much higher. Biradri system is also dominant in the politics of NA 51 Rawalpindi. Raja Biradri is the biggest biradri of this constituency.
    NA 51 Rawalpindi II 2002 Election Result:

    In 2002 general elections, Raja Pervez Ashraf of PPP was able to win this seat by a huge margin by defeating Dr Tahir Ul Qadri, PML-Q and PML-N candidates.

    Complete result of NA 51 Rawalpindi for 2002 elections is given below:

    Raja Pervez Ashraf (PPP)                                          81761 Votes

    Raja Shoukat Aziz (PML-Q)                                         46383 Votes

    Ch Muhammad Khursheed Zaman (PML-N)          26595 Votes

    Dr Tahir Ul Qadri (PAT)                                                15313 Votes

    Ch Tariq Mahmood Naqshbandi (MMA)                   5082 Votes


    NA 51 Rawalpindi 2008 Election Result:

    Raja Pervez Ashraf of PPP was able to defend his seat again in 2008 and won by a huge margin.

    Complete result is as follows:

    Raja Pervez Ashraf (PPP)                                         80247 Votes

    Raja Qasim Javaid Ikhlas (PML-Q)                          69690 Votes

    Ch Muhammad Riaz (PML-N)                                   56381 Votes


    NA 51 Rawalpindi Party Position 2013 Elections:

    Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf is busy in announcing mega projects for Gujar Khan region and is using a huge sum of discretionary funds. He is the strongest candidate from NA 51 and PPP can hope to get this seat easily.

    Raja Javed Ikhlas has joined PML-N about a year back after leaving PML-Q and this has given a good strength to PML-N in the region. Raja Javed Ikhlas will be PML-N candidate from NA 51 who enjoys a good biradri vote as well apart from party vote. He is expected to have a good contest against Raja Pervez Ashraf.

    PTI is also struggling in the region but doesn’t seem to be in a upsetting position. Raja Azeem is a potential PTI candidate from NA 51. Raja Azeem is ex tehsil nazim and is working hard for the party.

    Jamat e Islami and other religious parties also enjoy a good public support and possess ideological vote bank but it seems that Raja Pervez Ashraf factor won’t help any of them to bring any surprise from NA 51 Seat.


  • Profile picture of Farah Farah said 3 years, 2 months ago:

    An interesting analysis of NA 51 Rawalpindi politics and party position for 2013 elections published in Daily Dunya.

    According to this analysis actual contestants will be Raja Javed Akhlas of PMLN and Raja Pervez Ashraf of PPP.

    ns 51 rawalpindi candidates

  • Profile picture of king of pothowar king of pothowar said 3 years, 2 months ago:

    I almost agree wot analysis u put thete.The only thing against Raja javed is he wasnt loyal to pml n in hour of need.Thats y hard core pmln worker are on ch riaz and raja hameed side.As for Pti they got one good candidate of MNA which is ch azeem and one good MPA candidate which is Javed kauser.The other candidate from pp4 i would suggest to invite Raja Naveed sajjad nazim union council kauntrilla which is same union council of parvez ashraf and neighbouring of javed ikhlas.

  • Profile picture of tsunami tsunami said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    Here is another analysis of NA 51 Gujar khan political situation published in Daily Dunya:

    na 51 gujar khan rawalpindi

  • Profile picture of Jannat Jannat said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    NA-51 Gojar Khan, a tehsil of Rawalpindi District is also slipping away from the hands of PML-N in the next general elections when its old-timer in the constituency Ch. Riaz announced to support Raja Pervez Ashraf, PPPP candidate against awarding the ticket to Raja Javed Akhlas by PML-N. Raja Javed Akhlas was former Naizm of Rawalpindi district and contested the 2008 general elections on PML-Q ticket.

    Raja Javed switched his loyalties to PML-N some time ago and managed to grab the PML-N ticket, triggering sharp response from Ch. Riaz, the candidate of PML-N in the last general elections on this constituency, who publicly announced to support PPPP’s candidate Raja Pervez Ashraf rather to support Raja Javed Akhlas which he dubbed a turncoat.
    The latest development in this constituency is making the ground even for Raja Pervez Ashraf of PPPP and he has now brighter prospects for winning the elections.