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NA-5 Nowshera Party Position for 2013 Elections (1 post)

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  • Profile picture of Farah Farah said 3 years, 5 months ago:

    NA-5 Nowshera is a constituency where Pakistan Peoples P, Awami National Party and religious parties (specially JI) have good vote banks. PTI has also managed to get a good public support in the region in past couple of years.


    Result NA-5 Nowshera 2002 Elections:

    In 2002 elections, NA-5 seat was won by Jamat-e-Islami Chief–MMA candidate Qazi Hussain Ahmad with a big margin.


    Qazi Hussain Ahmad                  MMA                                   40,879 Votes

    Naseer Ullah Babar                    PPP                                    22,189 Votes

    Mian Rashid Ali Shah                 ANP                                   11,944 Votes


    Its important to mention here that results of 2002 elections reveal that PML-N was nowhere in NA-5 constituency.


    NA-5 2008 Election Results:

    In 2008 elections, Jamat-e-Islami was in boycott as part of APDM and hence, ground was almost open for PPP and ANP. A very tough competition was observed in NA-5 between PPP and ANP candidate and seat was won by PPP candidate by a thin margin.


    Engineer Muhammad Tariq Khattak                   PPP            31,907 Votes

    Tariq Hameed Khattak                                          ANP             29,572 Votes

    Mian Yahya Shah Kaka Khel                                PML -Q       17,397 Votes

    Mufti Muhammad Sajjad                                      MMA             9,192 Votes

    Ishtiaq Ahmad Advocate                                      PML-N          4,229 Votes


    NA-5 Party Position for 2013 Elections:

    Jamat-e-Islami has already announced Qazi Hussain Ahmad as its candidate for NA-5 Nowshera and he seems to be the most favorable candidate from this constituency.  PTI is also a force in Nowshera with both ideological workers and new entrants like Pervez Khattak. Pervez Khattak has recently joined PTI from Nowshera and its expected that his joining will give a good boost to party in upcoming elections.

    Naseer Ullah Babar’s family has also joined PTI and that’s also a positive factor for PTI.

    PML-N is not a major force in Nowshera and there isn’t hope of any big score from PML-N candidate in 2013 elections.

    Major contest for 2013 elections will be between JI, ANP, PTI and PPP.