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NA 32 Chitral Party Position in 2013 Elections (3 posts)

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  • Profile picture of tsunami tsunami said 3 years, 3 months ago:

    NA 32 is the only constituency of District Chitral KPK which comprises 206 polling stations and over 20 Lac registered voters. Chitral District has a divided vna 32 chitral party position 2013 electionsote bank of many parties including Jamat e Islami, PPP, PTI and Muslim League.  All Pakistan Muslim League leader General Retired Pervez Musharraf also enjoys a good reputation in Chitral due to his personal interest in development of Chitral district and his work for Lowari Tunnel.


    NA 32 Chitral Result 2002 Elections:

    In 2002 general elections, MMA popularity was at its peak and Jamat e Islami leader Abdul Akbar Chitrali was able to win this seat with a clear margin.


    Complete result of NA 32 Chitral for 2002 elections is given below:

    Abdul Akbar Khan Chitrali (MMA)                        36130 Votes

    Iftikharuddin (PML-Q)                                               23907 Votes

    Sardar Ali S. Aman (PPP)                                       20862 Votes

    Abdul Latif (Tehreek e Insaf)                                  516 Votes


    NA 32 Chitral Election Result 2008 Elections:

    In 2008 general elections, PML-Q took benefit of boycott of JI and PML-Q candidate Shahzada Muhyuddin was able to win NA 32 Chitral seat after a very tough contest with independent candidate Sardar Muhammad Khan.


    Complete result of 2008 elections for NA 32 is given below:

    Shahzada Muhyuddin (PML-Q)                             33278 Votes

    Sardar Muhammad Khan (Independent)             31120 Votes

    Shahzada Ghulam Muyuddin (PPP)                     18516 Votes

    Molvi Muhammad Jehangir Khan (MMA)             2759 Votes

    Nadir Khawaja (Independent)                               695 Votes


    NA 32 Chitral Party Position In 2013 Elections:

    Political situation of NA 32 seems very interesting for 2013 elections. All Pakistan Muslim League head Pervez Musharraf has also announced that he will return back to Pakistan before 2013 elections and will contest from Chitral. If he contests from NA 32 Chitral, this constituency will become one of the most interesting constituencies of Pakistan.

    JI leader Abdul Akbar Chitrali is also very active and enjoys a very good reputation in the masses. JI has a strong ideological vote bank in Chitral and JI can win this seat if proper alliances are made.

    PTI hasn’t yet finalized its candidate from NA 32 Chitral but PTI workers are quite active in the region and have shown a great interest in party elections. Fardad Ali Shah is also part of PTI and he may be PTI candidate from Chitral. PTI Chief Imran Khan had a successful rally in Chitral in 2012 in which people of Chitral showed a great respect for PTI Chairman.

    PML-Q, PML-N and PPP are also political forces quite active in Chitral. PPP is working hard to win the hearts of the people of Chitral through catchy slogans and funds allocations as well as through Benazir Income Suppor Program.

    Which Party will win this seat, depends on the alliances factor. If PTI and JI form an alliance, they can easily win this seat. Also if PPP and PML-Q contest collectively, they are also in a position to give a great result from NA 32.

  • Profile picture of PakistanElection2013 PakistanElection2013 said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    A strong candidate is requried here, where PTI can win. Serious challenge is from MMA and PPP.

    Elections and Political Activities Update – Pakistan Elections 2013

  • Profile picture of king of pothowar king of pothowar said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    i think pml n and pti should only support ji candidate to defeat the “MOST COWARD DICTATOR RULER” in the history of pakistan.