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NA 28 Buner Election 2013 Party Position (1 post)

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  • Profile picture of Rehan Rehan said 3 years, 4 months ago:

    NA 28 Buner was clean sweeped by ANP in 2008 as all 3 provinical seats and 1 national assembly seat was won by ANP candidates. The previous 2 elections in NA 28 buner produced huge amouns of votes for secular parties and it looks like religious parties don’t have a good vote bank here. Bakht Jehan Khan of JI belongs to Buner and he served as speaker KPK as well in 2002 but he was elected on MMA plat form.


    NA 28 Buner Election Result 2008

    Irshad Alam
    Pakistan Muslim League

    Barrister Gohar Ali Khan
    Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians

    Sher Akbar Khan
    Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao)

    Abdul Matin Khan
    Awami National Party

    Ali Sher Khan
    Pakistan Muslim League (N)

    Fanoos Gujar
    Pakistan Awami Party

    NA 28 Buner Election Result 2002

    Mr.Said Raheem Advocate

    Usman Shah
    Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians

    Sher Akbar Khan
    Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao)

    Abdul Matin Khan
    Awami National Party


    NA 28 Buner party Position in Election Result 2013

    Previous encounters in NA28 Buner resulted in close contests between PPP Sherpao and ANP. There is no other strong force here but JI can prove to be a surprise package here. In election 2013 if JI & PTI agree on seat adjustment then only these two parties can bring some good result.