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NA 25 D.I.Khan cum-Tank Party Position 2013 Elections (1 post)

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  • Profile picture of tsunami tsunami said 3 years, 4 months ago:

    NA 25 is a constituency of Dera Ismael Khan and Tank regions which has been traditionally a stronghold of JUI-F due to religious following o Mufti Mahmood–father of Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman. Pakistan Peoples Party and Muslim League also contain a good public support and are well organized at grass root leve. PTI tsunami has also hit NA 25 D.I.Khan cum-Tank regions and PTI also enjoys a good public support particularly in youth.


    NA 25 D.I.Khan Cum-Tank 2002 Election Results:

    In 2002 general elections, NA 25 seat was won by MMA candidate Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman by a huge margin. Trun out was about 44.7 percent.


    Complete result for NA 25 Dera Ismael Khan, Tank 2002 election is given below:

    Maulana Fazl Ur Rehma (MMA)                                   59102 Votes

    Dawar Khan Kundi (PPP)                                              31976 Votes

    Sardar Umar Farooq Mian Khel (PML-Q)                   1882 Votes

    Alhaj Sana Ullah Khan Mian Khel (Independent)     3529 Votes

    Maulana Atta Ur Rehman (Independent)                   1501 Votes

    Farooq Khan (National Alliance)                                  1415 Votes

    Abdul Waheed (Independent)                                      1246 Votes


    NA 25 D.I.Khan Cum-Tank 2008 Election Result:

    In 2008 elections, NA 25 Seat was won by MMA candidate Maulana Atta Ur Rehman. Maulana Atta Ur Rehman is brother of Maulana Fazl-Ur-Rehman.  There was a tough competition between him and candidates of PPP and PML-Q.
    Complete result of 2008 election NA 25 is given below:

    Maulana Atta Ur Rehman (MMA)                        44673 Votes

    Habib Ullah Khan Kundi (PML-Q)                        42831 Votes

    Engr. Dawar Khan Kundi (PPP)                           39450 Votes

    Abdur Rahim Khan Kundi (Independent)           1607 Votes

    Hizbullah Gandapur (PML-N)                               497 Votes

    Umar Amin Khan (Independent)                         1289 Votes


    NA 25 Dera ismael Khan, Tank Party Position 2013 Elections:

    NA 25 Tan, DI Khan politics seems to be steady and JUI-F enjoys a good public support for 2013 elections. Maulana Atta Ur Rehman will be favorite for this seat.

    PPP leader Dawar Kundi is also a popular political figure but it looks that he is not happy with his party. However, if PPP gives him ticket again, he will be a tough contestant against Maulana Atta Ur Rehman of JUI-F.

    PTI hasn’t yet finalized its candidates from any part of the country. From NA 25 DI Khan Tank, PTI’s potential candidates are Abdul Qayum Khan Kundi and Faqeer Jamshed  Ahmad. Abdul Qayum Kundi joined PTI in 2010 and he is a well educated personality.  He was elected as president of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA in 2010. Faqeer Jamshed Ahmad is also a popular figure and is a “Peer” with a huge following in DI Khan, Tank and other parts of the country.

    PML-N doesn’t enjoy any good track record in NA 25 D.I.Khan Cum-Tank constituency and is not in a favorable situation.