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NA 23 Kohistan Party Position 2013 Election (2 posts)

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  • Profile picture of tsunami tsunami said 3 years, 4 months ago:

    NA 23 Kohistan is the only national assembly constituency of Kohistan district covering three provincial assembly constituencies of district Kohistan. Kohistan district consists of 4 Tehsils; Dassu, Pattan, Palas and Kandia. NA 23 Kohistan Party Position 2013 election

    NA 23 Kohistan has a distinction to have MNA Mehboobullah Jan who is the richest member of Pakistan’s national assembly. Kohistan. PPP is the strongest party of NA 23 Kohistan after joining of Mehboobullah Jan who won 2008 elections as an independent candidate. Religious parties particularly JUI-F is also strong in Kohistan region.


    NA 23 Kohistan Election Result 2002 Elections:

    In 2002 general elections, NA 23 Kohistan seat was won by MMA candidate Molvi Abdul Haleem. Molvi Abdul Haleem was originally from JUI-F. PML-Q candidate Mehboobullah Jan stood second.


    Complete result of NA 23 Kohistan for 2002 Elections is given below:

    Molvi Abdul Haleem (MMA)                                  15603 Votes

    Mehboobullah Jan (PML-Q)                                 10630 Votes

    Abbas Sarfraz Khan (Independent)                     7915 Votes

    Muhammad Aslam (Independent)                     3143 Votes

    Afzal Khan (PPP)                                                    436 Votes


    NA 23 Kohistan Election Result 2008 Elections:

    In 2008 elections, Mehboobullah Jan was able to win NA 23 seat as an independent candidate, beating PPP candidate Haji Misar Khan with a thin margin. However, Mehboobullah Jan later joined PPP.


    Complete Result of NA 23 Kohistan for 2008 Elections is given below:

    Mehboobullah Jan (Independent)                     14100 Votes

    Haji Misar Khan (PPP)                                         13412 Votes

    Saranzaib Khan (PML-Q)                                      9625 Votes

    Jehanzeb Khan (PML-N)                                      6439 Votes

    Molvi Karimdad (MMA)                                           5418 Votes


    NA 23 Kohistan Party Position 2013 Elections:

    Political weather of NA 23 Kohistan is expected to remain similar in 2013 and no big change is expected. Mehboobullah Jan–richest MNA of Pakistan national assembly is in a strong position to win NA 23 seat again. He will be PPP candidate.

    PTI na NA 23 Kohistan is not in any strong position and Tehreek e Insaf doesn’t seem to be in the battle. Peoples Party Shaheeb Bhutoo president of Kohistan–Mir Ghazan Sikandar joined PTI but he doesn’t seem to be a strong influential political figure.

    Jamiat Ulema e Islam (JUI-F) is another strong political party of Kohistan and is expected to give a tough time to PPP candidate in upcoming elections from NA 23 Kohistan seat.

    Awami National Party (ANP) is also trying to get sympathies of Pashtun voters of Kohistan but doesn’t seem to be in a strong contestant in 2013 elections in NA 23.

  • i think ex MNA Mehboobullah jan is a strong candidate  for NA 23,, he join JUI F , the seat will go to JUI F.
    Malak Saeed Ahmad will contest and also malak aurangzeb