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NA 21 Mansehra II Party Position in 2013 Election (1 post)

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  • Profile picture of Farah Farah said 3 years, 4 months ago:

    NA 21 Mansehra II is a constituency of Hazara division with a split mandate of JUI-F, PML-N, PML-Q,JI, PPP, PTI and many other political parties.  NA 21 has experienced three times elections in the last two tenures due to death of PML-N MNA Faiz Muhammad Khan.

    Politics of NA 21 Mansehra has got a great turn due to change of loyalties of many heavyweights. PTI has emerged as a new political force while religious parties are also enjoying a good popularity at grass root.


    NA 21 Mansehra 2002 Election Results:

    In 2002 elections, MMA sun was at its full shine and MMA Candidate Maulana Abdul Malik was able to win this seat with a huge margin beating PML-Q candidate. Maulana Abdul Malik basically hails from Jamat e Islami Pakistan.


    Complete Result of NA 21 Mansehra for 2002 elections is given below:

    Maulana Abdul Malik (MMA)                       46311 Votes

    Faiz Muhammad Khan (Independent)     25771 Votes

    Nawabzada Salauddin Saeed (PMLQ)    24557 Votes

    Tahir Ali (PML-N)                                           7158 Votes


    NA 21 Mansehra 2008 Election Results:

     In 2008 general elections, NA 21 Mansehra seat was won by PML-N candidate Faiz Muhammad Khan with a clear margin. PML-Q candidate Zargul Khan (prince of Kala Dhaka) stood second.  PTI and Jamat-e-Islami were in boycott and didn’t contest the election.


    Complete result of NA 21 Mansehra II elections 2008 is given below:

    Faiz Muhammad Khan (PML-N)                         51482 Votes

    Zargul Khan (PML-Q)                                             37592 Votes

    Nawabzada Salauddin Saeed (Independent)  21500 Voes

    Dr. Shaheen Zamir (PPP)                                      17415 Votes

    Iqbal Zaib Khan (ANP)                                           9231 Votes


    NA 21 Mansehra II by-election Results:

    MNA of PML-N Faiz Muhammad Khan died on 8th December 2009 in PIMS Islamabad and seat was vacated.

    by-election in NA 21 Mansehra held on January 29, 2010 in which JUI-F candidate Laiq Muhammad Khan was able to win this seat.


    Complete result of NA 21 Mansehra by-election 2010 is given below:

    Laiq Muhammad Khan (JUI-F)                     36,622 Votes

    Zur Gull Khan (PML-Q)                                   31,762 votes

    Haji Tahir Ali (PML-N)                                     29,879 Votes

    Nawabzada Salahuddin ( PPP)                   28,230 Votes

    Dr.  Ali Asghar Shah (JI)                                 4500 Votes

    Niaz Khan Sarkheli (PTI)                                3482 Votes


    NA 21 Mansehra II Party Position 2013 Elections:

    Politics of NA 21 Mansehra has greatly changed and contest of 2013 elections is expected to be different. Laiq Muhammad Khan still enjoys a good public support based on his school of thought. Laiq Muhammad Khan belongs to deobandi school of thought which has good enough following in the region. Laiq Muhammad Khan will be greatly relying on this sectarian votes in next elections.

    Former MNA and a well known political figure of Mansehra Nawabzada Salah Ud Din Saeed has joined PTI and he is PTI Candidate from NA 21 Mansehra. He is a good personality with a popular repute in the public. PTI Chief Imran Khan’s visit to Hazara in first week of May has brought a new energy in the workers of PTI in NA 21 Mansehra. Tabdeeli Razakars of PTI are also quite active.

    PML-N leader Captain Safdar is also working hard. He is PMLN candidate for NA 21 Mansehra. Captain Safdar in his corner meetings is using very aggressive tone against Laiq Khan of JUI-F and PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

    Zargul Khan who was earlier considered a potential candidate of PTI has left the party after having serious differences with PTI Leader Azam Swati. He isn’t taking part in the election but his brother Zareen Gul Khan has joined JUI-F and is contesting on a provincial seat. Zargul Khan’s departure from PTI is a setback for the party though. On the other hand, Dr. Shaheen Zameer who was also a part of PTI’s tsunami is contesting as independent candidate.