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NA 119 Lahore II Party Position 2013 Election (1 post)

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  • Profile picture of Farah Farah said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    NA 119 Lahore is a national assembly constituency of Lahore which has been considered a stronghold of PMLN for long time. This constituency has a mix of rural and urban areas of Lahore. Total population of NA 119 is 517597 with 151523 males and 132995 females. PP 141 and  PP 142 are the two provincial assembly constituencies that lie under NA 119 119 lahore candidates 2013 election

    NA 119 Lahore constituency includes areas like Old Walled City, Gawalmandi, Misri Shah, Badami Bagh, Shahd Bagh, Lohari Gate, Bhatti Gate, Mori Gate, Iqbal Park Minar-i-Pakistan, Wasan Pura, Farooq Gunj, General Bus Stand, Sultan Pura, Chah Meeran, Kacho Pura, Chowk Nakhuda, Makhan Pura, Data Nagar, Habib Gunj, Shairanwala Gate, Delhi Gate, Akbari Gate/Mandi, Yakki Gate, Qila Gujar Singh, Mecload Road, Railway Road, Sutar Mandi, Mori Gate, Pani Wala Talab, Tezab Ahata, Rang Mahal, Shah Aalmi, Nisbat Road, Gallah Mandi, Lunda Bazar.


    NA 119 Lahore 2002 Election Result:

    In 2002 general elections, Khawaja Saad Rafique of PMLN won from NA 119 Lahore seat by a huge margin against Jehangir Badar of PPP, Mian Abdus Sattar of PMLQ, Mian Zahid Anwar of PTI and others.

    Complete result of NA 119 Lahore for 2002 election is given below:

    Khawaja Saad Rafique (Pakistan Muslim League N)                    43166 Votes
    Jahangir Bader (Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians)          21193 Votes

    Mian Abdul Sattar (Pakistan Muslim League QA)                              8444 Votes

    Mian Zahid Anwar (Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf)                                  1761 Votes

    Ahmad Tariq Rana (Pakistan Awami Tehreek)                                  417 Votes

    Hafiz Sulman Butt (Independent)                                                         146 Votes
    Dr. Anwar Sajjad (Pakistan Muslim League Junejo)                         357 Votes


    NA 119 Lahore 2008 Election Result:

    In 2008 general elections, NA 119 Lahore seat was won by Mian Hamza Shahbaz of PMLN uncontested. No candidate from any other party came forward.


    NA 119 Lahore Party Position 2013 Election:

    PMLN leader Hamza Shahbaz will contest from NA 119 Lahore. Mian Nawaz Sharif also submitted his papers for NA 119 Lahore which got accepted. Hamza Shahbaz enjoys a good public support in the area due to a strong development work of his father Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

    PTI will be the real contestant against PMLN from NA 119 Lahore in 2013 elections. PTI Leader Dr Yasmin Rashid and Muhammad Madni have filed their papers from NA 119 Lahore. Muhammad Madni is likely PTI candidate from NA 119 Lahore against Hamza Shahbaz. Muhammad Madni is ex president of PTI Yough Wing and is quite popular among youth. He can attract a large number of young voters but it looks quite difficult for him to make any upset in this stronghold of PMLN.

    Jamat e Islami is also in the race and Zia Ud Din Ansari will be contesting on Trazoo symbol from NA 119 Lahore. Jamat e Islami doesn’t enjoy any major support in the constituency to win but can really dent other parties vote bank.

    Ayesha Ahad who claims to be the wife of Hamza Shahbaz has also announced to contest against Hamza from NA 119 Lahore. She is very aggressive and vocal against Hamza Shahbaz and claims that she will teach him a lesson in the election.