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NA 117 Narowal III Party Position 2013 Election (1 post)

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  • Profile picture of Farah Farah said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    NA 117 is one of the most politically hot constituencies of Pakistan. PMna 117 narowal 2013 electionLN is considered a strong political force of NA 117 Narowal. Jatt biradri is the biggest biradri of this area. NA 117 Narowal is home town of Ahsan Iqbal of PMLN.


    NA 117 Narowal 2002 Election Result:

    In 2002 general elections, Ahsan Iqbal of PMLN and Riffat Javed of PMLQ ere the main contestant. Riffat Javed Kahlon won the seat by a huge margin.

    Complete result is given below:

    Riffat Javed (Pakistan Muslim League QA)                      49367 Votes

    Ahsan Iqbal (Pakistan Muslim League N)                           33698 Votes

    Ch. Anwar-ul-Haq (Pakistan Peoples Party)                      16075 Votes

    Ch. Usman Zia (Independent)                                               599 Votes

    Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan (PAT)                                           1027 Votes


    NA 117 Narowal 2008 Election Result:

    In 2008 elections, Riffat Javed Kahlon and Ahsan Iqbal of Nawaz League were again in the race from NA 117 Narowal and this time Ahsan Iqbal defeated his opponents by a very huge margin.

    Complete result is given below:

    Ahsan Iqbal (Pakistan Muslim League N)                         66633 Votes

    Rifat Javed Kahloon (Pakistan Muslim League Q)           36231 Votes

    Ibne Saeed Ch. (Pakistan Peoples Party)                          10604 Votes


    NA 117 Narowal Party Position 2013 Election:

    NA 117 Narowal battle in 2013 election will be mainly between PMLN and PTI. Ahsan Iqbal who is deputy Secretary General of PMLN will be its candidate. Ahsan Iqbal claims to have a strong position and boasts of development work done by Nawaz League’s Punjab government in the area.

    PTI candidate from NA 117 Narowal in 2013 election will be renowned Pop Singer and social worker Abrar Ul Haq. Abrar Ul Haq is an active politician of PTI. He will be a strong contestant against Ahsan Iqbal and he can attract youth voters very strongly. Riffat Javed Kahloon and her husband Javed Kahloon are also active PTI leaders from Narowal. Riffat Javed Kahloon has been added in PTI’s list of women reserved seats.

    Col (R) Anwar Ul Haq will be PPP candidate from NA 117 Narowal in 2013 election. If PPP, PMLQ alliance deal takes place, he will also get PMLQ support.