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NA 110 Sialkot I Party Position 2013 Election (1 post)

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  • Profile picture of tsunami tsunami said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    NA 110 Sialkot I is mainly a Urban constituency of District Sialkot with a relatively na 110 sialkot candidates 2013 electionhigh literacy rate. This constituency has been dominated by PMLN leader Khawaja Muhammad Asif for the last four consecutive elections. Major biradries living in NA 110 Sialkot are Arain, Kashmiri and Sheikh.

    NA 110 Sialkot is a very hot political constituency with a great political awareness among masses. All major political parties like PMLN, PPP, PMLQ, PTI and JI have a strong presence in the area.


    NA 110 Sialkot 2002 Election Result:

    In 2002 general election, NA 110 Sialkot seat was won by PMLN candidate Khawaja Asif after a tough contest against PMLQ candidate MIan Muhammad Riaz.

    Complete result is given below:

    Khawaja Muhammad Asif (Pakistan Muslim League N)     42743 Votes

    Mian Muhammad Riaz (Pakistan Muslim League Q)                 38957 Votes

    Raja Amer Khan (Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians)   19391 Votes

    Dr. Abdur Rehman (Independent)                                             501 Votes


    NA 110 Sialkot 2008 Election Result:

    NA 110 Sialkot seat was won by PMLN candidate Khawaja Asif by a thumping margin against PMLQ and PPP candidates.

    Complete result is given below:

    Khawaja Muhammad Asif.(Pakistan Muslim League N)     73007 Votes

    Zahid Pervaiz alias Zahid Bashir.(PPP)                                    32157 Votes

    Mian Muhammad Riaz.(Pakistan Muslim League Q)                 9498 Votes


    NA 110 Sialkot Party Position 2013 Election:
    Khawaja Asif will be PMLN candidate again in NA 110 Sialkot in 2013 election. Khawaja Asif is considered a strong political figure of Sialkot but this time he is expected to face a strong opposition from other parties like PTI, PPP/PMLQ and JI.

    Engineer Imran Ashraf who was elected MPA on PMLN ticket in 2008 elections has now joined PTI after having serious differences with Khawaja Asif and he is now potential PTI candidate from NA 110 Sialkot in 2013 election. Imran Ashraf is working hard and enjoys a good understanding with PTI’s local leadership like Umar Mayer and Omer Farooq Dar. Imran Ashraf is claiming to win this seat against Khawaja Asif.

    Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has also fielded its strong candidate Arshad Mehmood Baggu (former MPA).

    The PML-Q has already announced political and moral support for PPP’s Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan in constituency (NA-110 Sialkot City-I).She is a well known political figure and can give a tough time to Khawaja Asif from this constituency.